May 22, 2008

I finally decided to try using rss feeds. For one reason or another, I always liked typing in URLs/using bookmarks and actually visiting a website. But I’ve got to keep up with the times, so this is what I think so far.

The Positives:
+ I don’t have to memorize all the urls, especially for sites that don’t update on a regular schedule
+ Given the above, I can manage many more sites and much more information
+ I’m just using Thunderbird as my rss feed reader, so I can check them when I check email. Also makes it very easy to forward interesting articles.

The Negatives:
– Information overload: too many feeds, too little time. I can literally keep myself busy all day, which is kind of awful. I need to come up with a better routine to actually get through all the content I want.
– Boring presentation; I miss seeing the design of the websites.
– Some feeds just don’t give me what I’m expecting: comics that don’t show the actual picture, digg’s feed that shows me the digg page summary, etc.
– Hard to scan (maybe this is a problem with Thunderbird) but definitely harder for me to scan through a bunch of headlines


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