May 29, 2008

After four years of classes, a weekend of rushing, and a full day of driving, college has finally come to an end. Having watched the boyfriend go through the motions last year, I confess I was not extremely enthusiastic about the weekend. Classes, finals, and true Cornell experiences had wrapped up a week earlier and graduation seemed like a big to-do for nothing. But in the end, even though the procession to commencement felt like a “last”, walking into Schoelkopf Stadium was overwhelmingly exciting. The sheer number of people, smiles, and cameras made it impossible to be disappointed or indifferent. It was at that moment I felt that graduating was a big deal, that finishing Cornell was a huge achievement, that in four years everyone had come so far.

Then there were the true goodbyes, complete with hugs, best wishes, and promises to stay in touch. And because everyone left at different times and there were no tears, there was no final bang. The finality of college came at the moment in the stadium, when it was too exciting to be sad. Even now, the new beginnings are more exciting than the leavings were sad.

But check out the graduation muxtape: klaygenie.muxtape.com

***UPDATE: muxtape link no longer works as muxtape has changed what it does.***


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