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mad city.

June 30, 2008

Today was the first day of my move to Madison, WI. My new home is much better than my memory of it from two weeks ago, which is fantastic. Huge rooms, new paint, lots of bathrooms. The current lack of furniture is slightly distressing, especially when all I wanted to do today was sit down and there were no chairs to do so. However, that will hopefully be fixed as soon as possible.

The half day that I was here was not exciting past actually spending time in my house unpacking what I could. I’m spending the night with a friend in Madison because I’m too chicken to stay in my empty house alone. And because she has a couch for me to sleep on, which is much better than anything I have at my place right now. Tonight was just relaxing and eating gelato. Tomorrow will be a day full of shopping, unpacking, and getting settled.


internet sadness.

June 29, 2008

This was brought to my attention the other day by various Tumblrs that I follow. I don’t know him. I don’t follow his Tumblr. I hadn’t even heard of him before. But it makes me upset and disappointed to read it, and I don’t really know why.

It should be obvious to everyone on the Internet these days that there are people out there who will, for whatever reason, throw mean, insulting comments at others, who are not even acquaintances. On top of that, if you’ve got any claim to even a bit of fame on the web, you will encounter many more of those types of people. And it doesn’t just happen on-line, it happens to real-life celebrities too, and they seem to deal with it. In the end, even if you bow gracefully away from having a public space on the Internet, people will still probably comment about you. It’ll just be somewhat behind your back. Truthfully though, I have never personally had any of that kind of comment thrown at me. I’m sure if I did, it would hurt.

But in most cases where I have seen insults fly, I always felt it could be expected (celebrity gossip sites, Youtube comments, etc). The people it was aimed towards must see it coming because of fame or upsetting opinions. Or the commenter must either be stupid or want to shock for attention/humor. So attacking a start-up founder (which in my book is a tiny celebrity) who doesn’t seem too controversial, seems unnecessarily mean. So I feel disappointed that given anonymity people will often be rude and insulting, in what seems like a strange attempt to rebel against the social norms that we have all grown up with in the real world. And that these somewhat anonymous people are able to push others away from the Internet.


movie munchies II.

June 28, 2008

Because I don’t have anything else to do and the library gives me free access to many DVDs, which I am more than willing to take advantage of.

I’m not There – Pretty cool movie about Bob Dylan, even though I know nothing about him. It was a bit over my head at times, but I was very impressed by Cate Blanchett’s performance and how similar she looked to Dylan.

Rent – Haven’t seen the musical, but I definitely want to now. Loved the music.

Hollywoodland – Murder mystery with an unfortunately unclear ending. I feel like mysteries need to have a nice explained ending otherwise it’s kind of a waste. I do however like Adrian Brody.

The Royal Tenenbaums – One of my favorite movies, and I don’t even know why. I don’t even really like Wes Anderson’s other movies that much. But this one is just a nice, feel-good movie, that’s just a little bit sad too.



June 22, 2008

A couple weeks ago, I bought my first car, a Toyota Corolla CE. And I have learned that I don’t like having a lot of choices. It makes things too complicated. For example, when buying the car, I had to decide what kind of car to get, which wasn’t too difficult. But then, once the kind of car is decided, you need to decide what extra features you want. Power windows and locks? Cruise control? 6 disc CD changer? And how much are you willing to pay for those extras, and even the car itself? I just don’t like the fact that cars aren’t like most other consumer products with a fixed price. Maybe I’m just too impatient to want to spend the time to research all the options (there really are too many) and negotiate for hours or months to get the best possible price.

I ran into a similar problem at a coffee shop. Coffee shops have so many different drinks on their menu, it always makes me feel like I’ll choose the wrong one. Not that there’s really a “wrong” choice, but there could always possibly be a better choice. This is why In and Out was so refreshing. I had three choices (hamburger, cheeseburger, double hamburger). Sure, sometimes I want more than just those three options, but if I did I probably wouldn’t be eating at a fast food place. I guess complex choice and customization is only valuable when you know what you want. Otherwise it just makes the decision process more difficult, confusing, and ultimately less satisfying.



June 19, 2008

I have finally uploaded most if not all photos from graduation. Because Flickr only lets me upload 100MB per month, I have switched to Zooomr. Everything is tagged, probably with something like “cornell” “graduation” “barbecue” or “commencement”, but you can also check the “Sets”, which should split everything into albums of interest. Check them out.


movie munchies

June 14, 2008

Recently watched movies:

Iron Man: Finally. Very happy with it. Iron men fighting is not that exciting, but the last fight wasn’t a huge part of the movie, so it worked.

Sex and the City: Entertaining enough, but loooong. I thought it was going to be over half way through. Otherwise, haven’t really thought about it.

Millenium Mambo: Chinese movie. Very pretty; a lot of the movie could have been still photographs. But it was either way to deep for me or there really wasn’t anything to it.

Stardust: Watched it again after reading the book and I think I like the movie better. It’s a bit more entertaining.

Better Luck Tomorrow: Interesting movie about Asian-American high schoolers who resort to petty crime to deal with suburbia, resulting in a slightly ridiculous ending. Short and entertaining enough to watch once, but nothing spectacular.

Beowulf: Only got 30 minutes in. Didn’t know that it was all computer generated, so I’m sitting there for all of it thinking, “why do so many people look photoshopped”. Also, why did all the women look like men?

Black Dahlia: Awful, slow, confusing. Did not have a clue what was going on even at the end, and I turned it off with proabably less than 30 minutes to the end. I think Scarlett Johanssen annoys me.



June 9, 2008

It’s been raining. A lot. The downpours were enough to flood one of the main streets in my town, making driving pretty much impossible. The news reported that an old vacant building had collapsed. And from looking around the next day, the storms were enough to knock over many trees, which blocked roads and apparently crushed roofs. This must have been awful for any houses under construction.

As far as my house, the basement flooded enough that the carpet is not only wet, but puddles of water collected, and we had to move all the boxes upstairs. Even worse, once it flooded the rain didn’t quite let up, meaning the carpet has been draining continuously for the last two days without any signs of letting up soon. But nothing horrible.

And check out this video of the Wisconsin Dells homes that fell into the lake because of the rain: