movie munchies

June 14, 2008

Recently watched movies:

Iron Man: Finally. Very happy with it. Iron men fighting is not that exciting, but the last fight wasn’t a huge part of the movie, so it worked.

Sex and the City: Entertaining enough, but loooong. I thought it was going to be over half way through. Otherwise, haven’t really thought about it.

Millenium Mambo: Chinese movie. Very pretty; a lot of the movie could have been still photographs. But it was either way to deep for me or there really wasn’t anything to it.

Stardust: Watched it again after reading the book and I think I like the movie better. It’s a bit more entertaining.

Better Luck Tomorrow: Interesting movie about Asian-American high schoolers who resort to petty crime to deal with suburbia, resulting in a slightly ridiculous ending. Short and entertaining enough to watch once, but nothing spectacular.

Beowulf: Only got 30 minutes in. Didn’t know that it was all computer generated, so I’m sitting there for all of it thinking, “why do so many people look photoshopped”. Also, why did all the women look like men?

Black Dahlia: Awful, slow, confusing. Did not have a clue what was going on even at the end, and I turned it off with proabably less than 30 minutes to the end. I think Scarlett Johanssen annoys me.

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