mad city.

June 30, 2008

Today was the first day of my move to Madison, WI. My new home is much better than my memory of it from two weeks ago, which is fantastic. Huge rooms, new paint, lots of bathrooms. The current lack of furniture is slightly distressing, especially when all I wanted to do today was sit down and there were no chairs to do so. However, that will hopefully be fixed as soon as possible.

The half day that I was here was not exciting past actually spending time in my house unpacking what I could. I’m spending the night with a friend in Madison because I’m too chicken to stay in my empty house alone. And because she has a couch for me to sleep on, which is much better than anything I have at my place right now. Tonight was just relaxing and eating gelato. Tomorrow will be a day full of shopping, unpacking, and getting settled.

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