day one.

July 7, 2008

What is there to say about the first day? Given the fact that I had to wake up earlier than I ever had for college and had to pay attention for almost nine hours straight, I’m pretty surprised I haven’t crashed yet. Maybe it’s excitement, maybe it’s just the fact that I haven’t had time to lie down yet. Overall, it was a surprisingly uneventful day. Clearly, there was a lot to absorb, but if I had to boil down what I did, it was mostly sitting and listening to people talk all day.

My mentor deserves heaps of thanks. He was amazing today helping me get settled in my office and having set up a bunch of my computer stuff, like email. Having him point things out from building to building has definitely helped me acquire a better (though still incredibly sparse) mental map of the campus. I hope it’ll come with time, or else I will be forever getting lost.

On a side note, given the increased amount of traffic I have gotten in the last two days, it seems that someone/thing must be keeping on top of the blogs at Epic. Hopefully not everyone will be one-time visitors who don’t even leave a comment. But since that might be an unattainable wish, maybe they will find one of my other sites more interesting (probably tumblr).


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