labor day.

August 31, 2008

Tomorrow will be the first Labor Day I’ve had off in four years. Although it’s a major national holiday, Labor day seems to be relatively nonexistent if you don’t get vacation from work or school. And because Cornell, for some reason, allows its administration to take the holiday, class is still in session. Professors and students must labor alike.

Either way, it’s my first three day weekend while I’ve been working. And I had a very nice meal last night with friends who are visiting. We went to the Capitol Chophouse, which is attached to the Hilton in Madison. Dinner started with bread and three different types of spreads: regular butter, a sun-dried tomato and caper tapanade, and a tomato and herb butter. Then, to my surprise, we got an amuse-bouche, which was made with beets. I’ve decided that amuse-bouche are the key to having a fancy restaurant. I had a good clam chowder to start my meal. It was a bit salty, but lots of clam and potatoes. The entree itself, 12 oz prime rib, was just that – 12 oz of meat. It was huge, so huge I could only finish about half of it, and delicious.

In addition to the food, everything else was extremely nice. I still feel that my age puts me at a disadvantage in fancy restaurants in terms of service. In most cases, I don’t get bad service, but I still expect it. At the Chophouse, our waiter was very pleasant and checked in an appropriate number of times. Also, the manager (at least who I assumed was the manager) stopped by to check in on us too. This is another thing, like the amuse-bouche, that I really love. It makes me feel special. Atmosphere was typical of a fancy restaurant – dim lighting, with lots of candles. And they had complimentary parking, which is always handy. I will definitely be back here.


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