September 13, 2008

(from Chuck Klosterman IV’s A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas)

Imagine a friend (not a best friend, but more than an acquaintance). This friend will be attacked by a bear. It is absolutely certain that s/he will live (100% guaranteed – and in my opinion, this means a coma is not a possibility either). But the extent of the injuries is unknown. S/he could fully recover in 24 hrs with no more than a few scratches, or they could lose a few limbs and be confined to a wheelchair. Now, magically, you can prevent this attack from happening. The catch is if you decide to stop this event from happening, it will always be raining for you. It will not necessarily be pouring, but it will at least drizzle no wherever you go (as Klosterman puts it: “it will never not be raining”). This rain does not affect the whole world, just you.

Do you stop the bear and accept a lifetime of rain?


  1. It’d probably depend on what you mean by it won’t affect the rest of the world. If you mean that a people standing next to me will still see it as sunny, then yeah I’d take that deal.

    Otherwise no, because I would become the bringer of floods and seasonal depression.

  2. Haha I wouldn’t mind a little rain. I love Seattle!

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