October 9, 2008

Recently, I’ve been in the market for a gym membership. This has been quite a quest since 1) I’m not very motivated to exercise, 2) memberships can be expensive, 3) I’m looking to take group exercise classes, and 4) it needs to offer classes that fit my schedule.

I tried hot yoga (at Inner Fire), regular yoga (at Bliss Flow Yoga), and Snap Fitness. Hot yoga was intense, fun, and offered a lot of classes. Unfortunately, it was a bit more money than I wanted to spend. The regular yoga was good too – very friendly and helpful staff, nice facility, not too expensive. The classes had variety, but few were what I was really looking for. Snap was definitely not my kind of place. It was very inexpensive, but I need more than just cardio and weight machines.

Last night, I took a trip to Pinnacle Health and Fitness and the Princeton Club. Pinnacle was impressive. I was given a tour and an explanation of their services (which took an hour!), but it was very tailored to what interested me. They offer lots of classes, lots of equipment, a pool (with towels!), and it’s conveniently located. Princeton Club was overwhelming. It’s huge, and looks like a small mall dedicated to health/spa/fitness inside. The soccer field and tennis courts on the roof were amazing, but not something I would use.

Now, I’m doing a trial at Supreme Health and Fitness. It’s much smaller but they offer a lot of classes. It never seems too crowded and all the people have been very friendly.


One comment

  1. Interesting to see how others perceive Pinnacle. I use the one off McKee though. The salt-water instead of chlorine won me over.

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