October 12, 2008

After the Farmer’s Market yesterday, Pat and I stopped for brunch at a small little restaurant called Marigold. It was, in short, pretty fantastic. Just off the Capitol, it was a small location, easily missed if not for the line of people out the door on Saturday morning. Despite being packed, the line moved quickly and the flow from line to table was surprisingly smooth. Perhaps with a group of more than four people it would have been a bit of a wait, but for the two of us, we were able to sit right away.

I got a scrambler – three eggs scrambled with smoked salmon, scallions and spinach – with sourdough toast and Marigold’s potatoes. It was a lot of food and delicious. Pat got buckwheat cherry pancakes with vanilla bean marscarpone. Both our meals were under $10, which makes it even better.

Unfortunately, they’re only open Monday – Saturday, which really means only Saturday for me. Will definitely be back though.

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  1. […] browns and a biscuit. Everything was delicious. The hash browns were not as good as the potatoes at Marigold, but the scrambler had lots of everything in […]

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