October 21, 2008

I finished reading Why We Buy, by Paco Underhill. It discussed his knowledge of “the science of shopping”, which he has gleaned from hours and hours of watching/recording people in stores. Given that his research is based off observation, the focus of the book is what not why. It was surprising to read about habits that I have that aren’t even conscious decisions.

I also finished Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell, which focused on the decisions people make in a very short amount of time. It was not as good as The Tipping Point. Certain points were interesting, like how facial expressions impact emotions and how visual cues can deceive us. I also liked reading about the Pepsi/Coke challenge and why Pepsi wins but Coke remains the #1 beverage. Overall, though, I’m glad the book wasn’t longer than 250 pages; it got a little long toward the end.

For people interested in this kind of social science/psychology, both books are a pretty easy read.


One comment

  1. whoa, freaky. i read a review of “Why We Buy” earlier today and almost bought it (ironic, i know)

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