November 1, 2008

Last week I took trips to Burlington, VT and Virginia Beach, VA. Burlington had its first snow while I was there (only a few flurries), while Madison had its first snow while I was in a hotel on the oceanfront. Since both trips were for work, the main highlights were dinner. In Vermont, I had sushi at the Asiana House and Rodizo at the Brazilian steakhouse Souza’s. Both were huge amounts of delicious food. However, I can’t eat enough meat that the Brazilian steakhouse is worth a second go. In Virginia, I had to get seafood because it was everywhere. The scallops at Catch 31 were fantastic, and the service was very friendly.

And given all my time spent on airplanes, I finished The Art of Deception, by Kevin Mitnick. This book is the kind that makes people paranoid with little advice on how to eleviate the worry. It makes “social engineering” seem easy, like any person could come up with these cons and pull it off. The advice the book gives on how to prevent attacks seems a bit cliche. Overall, I would not recommend reading.


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