new moon.

December 7, 2008

The second book, New Moon, in the Twilight series was, as expected, not as good as the first. The major problem I had with the first book – Bella being an annoying main character – continued to an even greater extent. I think a book aimed only at teenage girls should have a heroine who would be a bit more empowering. I can handle the fact that she’s always the damsel in distress because vampires and werewolves have fewer dangers than humans. But, Bella is continually thinking she’s not pretty enough for Edward (who isn’t even humanly beautiful) or that Edward will leave her, even after it’s clear he’s madly in love with her. Insecurity is not nearly as attractive in real life. I also expected to see a stronger side of Bella because Edward wasn’t as involved in the plot. Instead, she falls into a depressive coma for six months(!), until she finds a new boyfriend. Way to teach girls that having a boyfriend is the only way to be happy.

Bella’s bout of depression brings out the ridiculousness of the obsessive, unconditional love that drives the whole plot. True, there would be no story without that theme. However, when every conversation is “I’m going to die without you”, it gets a little sickening and a little bit desperate. Also, Bella is apparently against getting married to Edward because she’s only 18. Given that she can’t live or function without him and is willing to spend eternity as a vampire with him, why wouldn’t she want to marry him? That’s just ridiculous.



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