December 27, 2008

Because action movies are so easy to watch any time, they’re usually what I choose. This week it was Wanted and Hellboy 2.

Wanted was awful. I was really excited about this movie when I first saw its trailer. And then when it came out, people gave it terrible reviews. The plot was lacking; a loom that weaves names of bad guys out of fate? Really? The special effects were a bit overdone. Curving bullets, having them collide in mid-air, and the slow motion is all cool, but not time after time.

Hellboy 2 was surprisingly good. I don’t know anything about Hellboy comics and I don’t really like Selma Blair. However, the movie had tons of action, likable characters, and a plot that worked. The idea of Hellboy and company being more like the enemies than humans could have added a lot more to the story. I still think it was a good stand-alone movie, and even could set up for a third.


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