January 8, 2009

Coming back from the holidays is hard. Work is extremely slow, and the gym is packed. It pretty much kills almost all motivation to do anything. That means I got to watch several movies and further inundate myself in RSS feeds.

Planet B-Boy: Documentary that follows five teams (US, Japan, South Korea, France) to the international Battle of the Year competition. Break-dancing is pretty sweet in general, and what these kids can do is unbelievable. Fun enough to watch twice.

A Pixar Story: Documentary about Pixar and their success, making hit after hit. Interesting, although I wish they went into how they broke through obstacles in more detail. The movie made it seem like things always worked out for them, and I’m sure there was more to it.

The Namesake: Overall disappointing. I expected the movie to be more about the son, when it was really about the mother. For the first half of the movie, the son wasn’t even born! And the advances in the plot were extremely abrupt.

Also re-watched: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man.

One comment

  1. The number of people in a gym usually goes through an exponential decline phase right after the new year. By mid February the numbers will have reached a steady state.

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