January 17, 2009

I came back from my trip to Springfield, Missouri to help St. John’s Hospital get started using their new medical record system. Although the days were long as usual and the weather was freezing, it was the best trip I’ve been on so far. I spent my two days in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU). It was very busy, but luckily, it was the end of the week, so most of the nurses and doctors were working in the system quite well. They also had a fantastic coffee shop.

I’ve been in more hospitals in the last 5 months than I have in my whole life, so they continue to be very interesting places for me. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that they’re significantly more confusing to navigate than I expect. I feel that with the number of people coming in and out of hospitals, the layout should really be more user-friendly. However, my difficulty may be due to my aversion to accidentally walking into an area where I am not allowed. Being brought in as support for the hospital staff leads to trouble in determining whether “Employee only” signs pertain to me or not. Clearly, I can’t help anyone if I can’t physically get there, but there are definitely places that are off limits to anybody but true staff. I’ve just resigned to always carrying a map or asking lots of questions.


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