January 21, 2009

Like others, I subscribe to a couple basic Google Alerts: my name and the company I work for (Epic). The other day, I was directed by the alert on my company to a blog. I like to take a look at the posts that come through my alert on Epic because I have first hand knowledge of how many people actually take a look at them (and who doesn’t like a little more blog traffic?). But this post completely turned me off (and I’m not linking because I don’t believe it deserves the traffic). I applaud their attempt of using Google Alerts to grab the attention of many people at the company. It’s a bit extreme – a kind of awful, attention-seeking self-marketing. Except that they lacked any relevant marketing. The post mentioned nothing about the author except that s/he turned in a second resume to Epic and was waiting for a response. Then proceeded to use Epic’s name multiple times unnecessarily just to make sure Google Alerts would pick it up. What’s the point in getting the attention of hundreds of employees, but post nothing that would possibly encourage us to help.

And when someone in the comments suggested the author list the reasons s/he would like to work at our company, only 1 of 5 was worthwhile. As Epic can still be selective in who it employs, why would they choose someone who top 5 reasons include the fact that Epic’s hiring and Epic offers relocation? In addition, the author somehow thinks the power gained by having the attention of Epic’s employees through a Google Alert is somehow on the same level as the information gathered from reading someone’s blog. It’s not. A blog gives way more information about you, than my checking the Google Alert does about me. I’m not HR, but if I was, this post would convince me not to hire. Positive points for the idea, but many more negative points for execution, wasting time, and overall bad marketing of yourself.


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