academy of sciences.

January 27, 2009

This month, I got a nice little break from the Wisconsin winter and spent two weeks working in Sacramento and a weekend in San Francisco. A California trip meant some warm, sunny weather and a few days with the boyfriend.

Although the work I was doing was on the boring end of the spectrum, the weekend in San Francisco was a lot of fun. I took a trip to the California Acadamey of Sciences. It’s a fancy new museum with an aquarium, an indoor rainforest, a living roof, and a planetarium. Yi and I arrived in the morning, just in time to get passes to the last planetarium show of the day; for some reason. The Academy was packed full of people; I can’t imagine what time you had to arrive for the earlier shows. We spent the rest of the day in the other parts of the museum.

Rainforest birds

Rainforest birds

The aquarium was fantastic, which is pretty much what I think about all aquariums, but this one had a fancy coral reef display too. The rainforest was fun too and reminded me of the butterfly display at the Milwaukee Public Museum, but better. The living roof was cool, but it’s probably better on a sunny summer day rather than a cloudy January afternoon. There were also a lot of displays about evolution and climate change. Unfortunately, by the time we could go to the planetarium, Yi and I were both so tired we fell asleep during the show.

Angel Fish

Angel Fish

The only downside to the experience was the food. The eating area was crowded, the food was expensive, and the seating was inadequate. Perhaps they just weren’t used to the volume of people visiting that day. Otherwise, it’s a very disappointing part of the experience, especially combined with the usual grumpiness you have from being hungry in the first place.


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