ichi maki.

February 19, 2009

I went to dinner alone tonight; didn’t feel up to making conversation. Besides, I had to take advantage of being in California and get some sushi. So I decided to try this restaurant just down the block from my hotel – Ichi Maki. After spending a summer in Ithaca, I have no problems going places and doing things on my own. Dinner, however, has not been one of them. Therefore, I wasn’t quite prepared for the period between ordering and eating, during which there is little to do other than sit when you’re alone.

However, it turned out to be a pretty fantastic dining experience. The staff was super friendly, even though it was quite busy. Additionally, the kitchen was a bit backed up, so the wait for my food was longer than normal. I thought this was just because I had nothing to do while waiting, but after a while, my waitress came to apologize for the long wait with some Edamame. Very unexpected and pretty awesome. The sushi rolls I got – Spicy Tuna, Philadelphia, and Rainbow – were quite tasty. They were also huge – 8 pieces instead of 6, and giant. When I finish, the waitress brings my check. While many Asian restaurants offer orange slices after a meal, Ichi Maki offered half an orange, cut up, with chocolate sauce. It was a very nice touch. And to complete the whole experience, both waitresses and chefs said good-bye to me on my way out.



  1. They may have thought you were one of those “Mystery eaters” doing restaurant reviews. 🙂

  2. Come to Tokyo and we’ll get sushi direct from the fish markets. 😀

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