March 3, 2009

Those who know me know I love personality tests, horoscopes, etc. Pretty much anything that tells me more about me based on what I tell it (it’s all very scientific of course). I have some insatiable need to find out what color, flavor, and mixed drink I am. The problem is personality tests are always based off self-reporting. It’s like a game to see how well I can get the test to say what I want to see. And I’ve gotten really good at evaluating myself to reflect the way I’d want people to view me. This skill helps keep all my results very consistent.

The other day I took another personality test (first one in a while). I had to rank trios of words by how well they describe me, and depending on how the ranks added up, it placed me into one of four personality colors. Seems like a pretty standard test. Except I took it when two friends were with me. All of a sudden, it became painfully obvious that there’s quite a disconnect between how I view myself, how others view, and how I want others to view me. Quite an insecure moment for me.



  1. I’m curious… which perception of you did you end up writing down?

    • I assume you mean on the test while my two friends were there. I worked within the constrains of how I believe they view me. I think there’s less of a discrepancy between how others view me and how I want to be viewed. You know I’m all about keeping a consistent image.

  2. I wouldn’t waste time worrying :).
    1. You know things about yourself that others don’t.
    2. Others also offer a perspective that isn’t edited by the voice in the back of your head or that contains details that you miss because they are routine to you.
    2. Self-reporting will always influence those tests. You generally know that you want to be a specific mixed drink as you set out to answer those questions. It’s like a how a facebook profile works in a way. You construct, not report an identity/personality.

    Identity is a shifty subject that a page of questions doesn’t define. Those tests are fun though…

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