March 5, 2009

I read an article the other day about the old question of whether girls and guys can be platonic friends. Apparently they can’t, or more specifically guys can’t, girls can. This isn’t really news to me since I did know about the ladder theory. But somehow when I was reading the most recent article, I was thinking: No way, I definitely have platonic guy friends. And then all I could think was: Maybe I just don’t understand because I’m a girl.

Of course I’ve never asked my guy friends about it because that could be an awkward conversation.


One comment

  1. I kinda think that if they are a good friend to you – they treat you like a good platonic friend should – then it’s OK to think of them as platonic friends. Even if they really just met you b/c they wanted to hook up. Even if they have a crush on you still. If they always behave like good friends, they’re good friends.

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