March 6, 2009

When I first joined Facebook, I was a passive user. I never friended people, never joined groups, never wrote on walls or sent messages. It was just another site I checked when I was bored. I’ve become more active over the years. I’ve still never uploaded pictures (other than for my profile, which I change once in a while), never updated my status (that’s why I have Twitter), and never turned on all my privacy settings.

But being out of college, I have friends who I’m not just going to go over to their house uninvited or who I don’t see every day. And for some strange reason, using the phone seems to be going out of style. Even though I hate texting, it’s becoming more of the preferred way to get in touch with people. So Facebook has now become my happy medium communication tool, when I feel like it might be inappropriate to use the phone. This has led to an increase in my Facebook usage. I still find it weird to use Facebook chat, messages, and wall posts, but until I start accepting texting, it’s my only alternative.


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