airport security.

March 12, 2009

I traveled through Philadelphia International Airport, and it was an extremely pleasant experience. In general, I like air travel. Maybe it’s because I rarely traveled in planes while I was a kid, but airports and airplanes are still exciting for me. I’ve rarely had delayed or canceled flights, so it’s really just the need to wait that makes it unpleasant. That’s why I love small airports. Yes, they usually cost more to fly out of, but you can get to the airport with less than an hour and still be perfectly on time.

Anyways, PHL ended up being great because they’ve apparently redone their security since the last time I was there. PHL is a huge airport, and if I remember correctly, the terminals are relatively separate, meaning you need to go through security for your specific terminal. Now, they have a fancy new security line that serves at least the D, E, and F terminals. They filter passengers very efficiently into lines depending on how quickly they think you’ll move through security, which also helps move things along (I guess as long as you make it into the fast lane). And since it’s new, it’s very white and clean, which is pleasant when you think about how dirty airports probably are.


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