March 15, 2009

On my flight the other day I finished reading Watchmen, and last night I went to see the movie. Overall, I’m pretty happy with both. The book is definitely better than the movie; there’s just not enough action for the movie to be really cool. Without the action, the movie has a lot of extremely boring parts. But I did really liked the slight deviation the movie made from the book.

While reading, I predicted a completely different twist to the story. For some reason, I thought the whole “mask killer” theory was going to be wrong. The strange events would be unrelated and the evil that Rorschach and Nite Owl were hunting would all be in their heads. In the end, these formerly retired superheroes would realize that the world went on just fine when they were retired, and that we don’t really need vigilantes. This was not at all how things went. Really, I should have known better. With the phrase “who watches the Watchmen”, I should have expected the plot to focus on how far vigilantes are willing to go to achieve good.



  1. I have a question: what do you do with such books as “Watchman” after reading? Do you donate them to the mini-libraries at the hotel? Or do you casually leave them at the back of the seat in front of you, for the next passenger who’s dying to find some entertainment sitting in the middle-seat while being squeezed on either side by passengers who need seat-belt-extenders?

    • I actually keep most of my books. I’m a big library user, so I usually only buy books I intend to keep. Also, library book sales are the best thing ever; lots of books for really cheap. If I really hate the book, I’ll donate to the library.

  2. Library! That’s a good idea.
    I know the underlying assumption of “one man’s trash is another’s treasure”, but “If I really hate the book, I’ll donate to the library.” just sounds funny. 🙂

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