March 22, 2009

Apparently, people hate the new Facebook design. This is a little bit sad and ridiculous to me. Every time Facebook has redesigned, people complained. When they introduced the News Feed, people were outraged. And after a few weeks, the News Feed turned out to be a great addition to the site. And when they added chatting, it seemed a little stupid and unnecessary at first. But now, I pretty much only use Facebook and Gmail for messaging. The users complain, but they haven’t left yet. Each time, Facebook’s users have adapted to the changes and life goes on.

I’ve only been a disappointed by three things: invites/requests/etc are hard to notice, birthdays are pretty much invisible, the design wasn’t explained well. The small hyperlinks above the Share box are really not working for me to display invites and requests. I pretty much overlook it every time I sign in. Same with birthday notices, which I haven’t even figured out where they are located now. This is not helpful. Most importantly, I just felt like the redesign wasn’t explained well at all. It changed; I didn’t know where anything was or what the new features did, and I had a lot of trouble finding something on the site that would explain to me what happened. If Facebook wants to add new features and move things around, they need to have more than a blog post to help users transition. Especially when the whole site is changing. If I had been prepared for a more Twitter-like website, I would have been very excited. But since I wasn’t, it was just confusing.

So what do I like about the new Facebook, when there seems to be so many more reasons to dislike it? First, filters are very cool on the homepage. I only belong to one network, and most of my friends have their privacy settings turned on, so it’s not extremely useful, but I like the idea. It’s even better that you can create your own filters. Second, the Highlights on the side have been extremely interesting and useful to me. Third, the increase in size probably makes it much easier for all the older people joining the site. I see this as a huge positive because Facebook isn’t just for college kids anymore and they will need to cater to an older generation. I’m betting in a month the old Facebook will be less than a memory.


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