March 24, 2009

I went home this weekend for the first time since the holidays. Despite living so close, I just never seem to make it back to Milwaukee very often. Turns out this past weekend was the last weekend of UW Madison’s Spring Break, so both brothers were home – one of whom would need a ride back to Madison on Sunday. So it seemed like a decent opportunity to drive back for less than 24 hours. It was a great decision, as I got to bring back a cute coat, stylish boots, frozen home-made perogies, and some corned beef.

The best thing about home is being with my family. Now that we’re all spread out because of college and work, we don’t get together very often. But when we do come home, all we do is hang out with each other. We just watch movies, play games, eat, cook, and catch up. And since my family is so close, we all know each other’s friends. It’s almost expected that if you’re home, your friends will be stopping by to chat, hang out, or at the very least say hello to my mom.

My friend, who had also gone home for the weekend, brought up an interesting point that I never really thought about: home isn’t so much the place as it is the people. His reasoning was that people don’t seem to change as much as the environment does. I, however, know that people change just as much as surroundings do. But the way you feel around your family or best friends doesn’t. And that’s what makes it home. Being home without having everyone else there isn’t the same. I think that’s why I’m never itching to drive to Milwaukee for any random weekend, but I get super excited for the holidays.


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