March 28, 2009

In my life, I’ve never had a haircut that I didn’t like – not counting any “growing out” period because there’s just no good way of coming back from very short hair. For those that don’t know me, here’s a bit of background:

  1. My mom has always cut my hair. I’ve been to a salon once in my life.
  2. I cut and dye my hair because I get bored. If it grew faster or was blond, it would change much more often.
  3. I’m pretty daring. I’ve had all different lengths and styles of hair – have not tried an asymmetrical cut yet.
  4. I’m terrible when it comes to styling. I’m lazy and my hair just does what it wants no matter how hard I try to keep it in place.

This weekend, with my trip home, I felt it was time to change it up again. I explained to my mom what I wanted, which is the same cut that I had a few years ago. Somehow this got strangely misinterpreted. Probably my fault – I either did not explain what I wanted in any way at all, or my hair was much shorter than I thought. So I ended up with a very different haircut that I haven’t fully accepted yet.

It’s troublesome because sometimes I think it looks cute, especially when paired with the right clothes. It’s got this wispy, messy look if I can get it just right. But the rest of the time, it either looks like I’m a boy (with a terrible cut) or like a mom (also not so good). And getting it to look really good requires blow-drying, mousse, curling iron, and probably some hairspray. That’s a lot more effort than I am willing to put in most of the time. Besides, I don’t even have a curling iron. Let’s hope it grows on me quickly.

haircut 1haricut 2


One comment

  1. It’s fine, don’t worry.

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