re: pressure

March 31, 2009

A while back, I mentioned my terrible ability to stand up to peer pressure and the fact that I just don’t face that much pressure from friends (or peers). Now I’ve had the opportunity to sit on the other side of the fence. And I think it might be better to avoid the yard altogether.

Admittedly, most of the pressure did not come from me because I wasn’t overwhelmingly excited about our plans for the night. It wasn’t worth the effort to convince others the idea was great. However, when you have a group split in half and only half the group has interesting plans, I’m definitely going to side with them. So I was more of an observer, watching the peer pressure ooze it’s way into every spoken word. And frankly, it made me want to cringe. I can’t even explain why I felt so terrible. I was in support of the idea, and I firmly believe all my friends have enough balls to say no when they don’t want to do something. But it still felt like manipulating or exploiting or bullying (which according to this, I’m not!). Maybe I felt bad because I wasn’t completely vested in the decision, and if I had decided not to go along, it could have turned the tables. Wishful thinking since I probably would’ve just caved to the pressure.


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