April 2, 2009

This is the same guy who commented that I eat a lot. Apparently he has made several socially inappropriate comments to another friend. It’s a strange situation. He’s usually very friendly and socially competent. And then there are times when I think, Did you really just say that? Because the awkwardness is spread out in a conversation, it’s real hard to be outright offended at any one thing. Commenting on a girl’s eating habits is awkward, but you brush it off. Commenting on her insecurity is – again – awkward, but you can move past it. Commenting on what she thinks about her family is still inappropriate, and now that it’s the third time, you’re pissed. But it’s hard to get really offended when you’ve already acted like there was no problem with the first two comments. So what do you do?

And to add to my annoyance, he gets offended at the littlest things. Someone explain to me how can make completely inappropriate comments, be completely confused when you’re angry about it, and then get upset when asked, say, “How old are you” (when we’re definitely not old enough for that to be insulting).


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