April 3, 2009

That’s my current success rate for donating blood. 2 out of 5; how depressing!

To make things worse, it’s determined that I’m unsuccessful at donating only after the needle is in my arm. I never get stopped by the questionnaire, the iron test, the weight limitation, or anything else that could send me away. Instead, I get stuck with the needle. Then they move it around like crazy trying to get it to work. Then, my blood just quits and stops flowing. Ultimate failure. They can’t use my blood. I’ve wasted their time. My arm will bruise. I can’t even attempt to donate for another 8 weeks (even though I didn’t really get to donate in the first place). Donating blood is one of the few charitable activities I will take part in and completely support. It’s frustrating that my body fails at it.


One comment

  1. They should add one item to the questionnaire: “Previous donation success rate < 50%: Yes/No” and you will get stopped there, without any bruises. :p

    Or wait till they find better skilled nurses to do the needle thingy.

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