April 14, 2009

I spent Easter weekend visiting the boyfriend’s family in Philadelphia. Neither his family nor mine celebrates the holiday, so for us, it’s just another lazy weekend. We played games, watched movies, and caught up on sleep. We also ate ridiculous amounts of delicious food.

Since I have not been willing to do extensive research into the Chinese food in Madison, I have to get my fill when I visit other cities (this is the same with any kind of seafood). Also, if I’m unsure of the quality of food, I’d much rather eat American fast food than take-out Chinese. But Philadelphia is the best because it’s home-cooked. So here’s this past weekend’s menu:

Saturday lunch (which was really as soon as I arrived): Cornmeal soup and chive-filled dough pockets

Saturday dinner: Korean barbecue – extremely delicious beef and I learned how to eat unpeeled shrimp (although I won’t eat their heads)

Sunday brunch: fried potatoes with scallions and rice balls with sweet filling

Sunday dinner: lamb kabobs, tofu and pork, mushrooms with snow peas and red peppers, Chinese eggplant, and taro chips

Monday lunch: lamb and noodles

Monday dinner: fried rice dish, two vegetable dishes that I’m not sure what they were (turnips and Chinese broccoli maybe)

Combined with a a few days of restaurant eating for work, it’s definitely a “fat happy” week.


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