re: weight.

April 17, 2009

A while back I posted about weight, and got the comment about airlines charging more for obese passengers. Apparently, United has started doing just that, at least to some degree. On some level, this is terrible. It makes me feel as though I should be somewhat morally outraged – which I’m not. On the other hand, they’re stating that obese is someone who is “unable to lower the arm rest and buckle a seat belt with one extension belt”. Even though I’m not so big, I really don’t need to be sharing my seat with the person next to me.


One comment

  1. Shortly after I left the comment about airlines should charge more from obese passengers, I thought, well, no company would want to touch this hot political potato, just in order to save a few bucks. Because the most “extra seat” money they can get out of large size people, is on the order of $100k/yr. But they could lose much, if this move damages corporate image. Apparently it isn’t true when there are several airlines doing this. Still, the need-to-pay-more guidelines are generous enough.

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