April 18, 2009

Last few months I’ve been reading my horoscope almost religiously every day. It helps that I’m continually signed into my Google account and it turns up on my iGoogle page. It’s really the only positive to using the iGoogle page instead of the classic search. I don’t believe that my horoscope will predict my day, but it usually gives me some sort of expectation. Because of this, daily horoscopes are in no way as good as a monthly horoscope. The monthly horoscope will usually let me look forward to some vaguely positive experience at some ambiguous point during the month. By the time my experience should have happened, I’ve probably forgotten the horoscope prediction.  Daily horoscopes, on the other hand, are even more general and, very quickly (and obviously) become wrong.

What I’ve noticed recently is that my daily horoscope could be a bit self-fulfilling. It tells me that it’s a good day to have an adventure, so I can see it as motivation to do something out of the ordinary. It tells me that I have a significant amount of tension in my relationships, and I start feeling like there is. It tells me to take time for myself, and I use it as an excuse to be lazy over the weekend. In general, horoscopes lean to the positive, so the effect isn’t terrible. But lately, mine has been a bit ominous, making me a bit more nervous and impatient than usual. It better not lead to me imagining problems that don’t exist.


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