May 13, 2009

I saw, several days too late, that Google was giving away free business cards for your Google profile. Free things is a good enough reason for me to sign up for something I was considering anyways. Sadly, I was too late, and I did not get business cards. However, I did learn that I am not a Google profile fan.

I was intrigued by the prospect of being able to have a little control over your Google results. Considering how many profiles I’ve filled out before, I figured it would be a breeze for me. Turns out, I was wrong. The Google profile is limited, like a Facebook profile was when it started. Except Facebook was on a closed network of people; Google is not. So why in the world would I put where I live, who I work for, what my job is, or any of that information from the past? If you’re searching for me online, you clearly don’t need to know that much right off the bat. The openness and the popularity of Google’s search make it tough choice between revealing an uncomfortable amount of personal information and looking ridiculous by making jokes like on social networks. And the contact info… It doesn’t display to the public. Awesome. But if it only displays to contacts that it’s pulling from my Gmail account, I’m thinking they already have my contact information. Seems unnecessary because if they’ve forgotten, they either 1) don’t talk to me anymore or 2) don’t know how to use a search on their email. If either of those are correct, they don’t need to get in touch with me.

Beyond the actual content I can choose to add, I’m disappointed that I apparently need to disclose a specific amount of information before I’m even included in Google results. This is a bit ridiculous because I’ve got my name, four links to other sites about me, school attended, short bio, and a picture. What else do they want?


In all honesty, when you search for my name, I am every single result. All 10 pages! And I did it with no effort. So now, the one time I’m trying to get a result to show up, when that’s the point of the Google profile, it won’t display it. How in the world is this “product” actually going to be useful for people who have more common names?

Last, why is there no easy way for me to find the profile from anything but a Google search? Put a damn link to it with the rest of the services I can sign into.

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