May 24, 2009

Everyone knows a person or two with an extremely loud personality. They bring an certain energy to any group they’re in, and people love them or hate them. These characters, because that’s what they become, have mastered the art of personal image control. Their personality – the energy, the humor, the ideas and opinions – is a bit forced. Around people, they’re always “on”, even though “on” is not always them. To me, it seems exhausting.

At their best, these people are a blast. They do everything, and they’re excited about doing everything. And they talk, even if you’re not really talking back, which makes it extremely easy to hang out with them. They tell stories; they tell jokes; they talk about everything that’s nothing. At their worst, the personality quickly becomes overbearing, dominating, and tiresome. All their talking – it’s always a story not a conversation. Even if you were a witness to the events, the story being told is always a bit more exaggerated, a pinch more dramatic, and a little bit more “practiced”. And eventually, I’d rather see my friends than a one-man show.

I always wonder how aware these people are. Is that really what they’re like? Or are they so insecure that they need to create such a personality to fill in what they think is missing? Do they enjoy being the center of attention? Or do they feel like everyone else is too boring to create any entertainment? Not being one of them, I don’t think I’ll ever get a straight answer. But not knowing makes me wary of what they seem to be hiding.


One comment

  1. Maybe they enjoy listening to themselves talk, and are totally unaware of it.

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