June 3, 2009

I spent the last four days in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area, partly for work, partly for pleasure. It was beautiful weather – low 80’s and sunny – and overall a very relaxing trip. Of course, the learning never ends with business trips. Here’s what I found out this weekend.

  1. Sushi should be raw not fried, and sushi restaurants should feel like a trendy bar. But if the food is good, I won’t complain. And Baltimore has undoubtedly better seafood than Wisconsin.
  2. Georgetown is beyond preppy – which says a lot given that I’ve grown up around the upper middle class. It makes me feel like a true Midwesterner when I realize I could never completely fit in on either coast.
  3. People still pop their collars – and they still shouldn’t.
  4. Free museums are incredible. Unfortunately, I only had time to go to one. Also, the Washington Monument is hands-down more impressive than everything else around it.
  5. TBI stands for Traumatic Brain Injury, not Total Brain Injury.
  6. Pajamas are completely optional. This might be odd, but after having maybe a 10% success rate at remembering pajamas, I’ve gotten used to not having them. Toothbrush and contact lens cases are a different story.
  7. Dyed hair ruins hotel towels. Sorry Marriott! I’d prefer if my hair didn’t turn everything bright pink too.
  8. Gummy bears and hot fudge do not mix as well as you would expect. However, I do love those dirt cups everyone remembers from childhood. Somehow gummy worms in chocolate cookie crumbs is awesome.
  9. I have no concept of ages between mine and my parents. You are either my age or my parents’ age. This is probably fantastic for everyone except me.
  10. Being unbelievably tired, having terrible hat hair, and looking like I got ready in an airport bathroom (because I did) does not scare people away from me. Even though I’m not a very chatty person on planes, this was too much of a surprise for me to do anything other than be nice.


  1. 1. Fried sushi = sacrilege

    2. Would you believe that there’s an even preppier part of Georgetown? Like Duffy said, there’s a bar dedicated to Nantucket and I’ll bet you that the popped collar population of said bar exceeds human tolerance for tools.

    6. T-shirt and boxers = pajamas for me. Funny looking pants are cool for if you’re at someone’s house, but ultimately more trouble than they’re worth. I’m also able to sleep in jeans, but that’s just me.

    10. My favorite is when I’m reading a book and someone decides to chat with me. I’m never mean, but it blows my mind.

    Glad you enjoyed Baltimore/Washington! Let us know when you’re coming back. You’ll always have a spot to stay on my couch.

  2. I love your list-based posts.

    4. Yeah, the Washingtom Monument is great. But you have to be here at Cherry Blossom time – the basin totally rocks then.

    6. You can usually scrounge something from your host if you’re at someone’s house. By yourself in a hotel – no need for them – unless you get too cold.

    7. Was your hair dyed pink? If not, that is a strange reaction for black hair dye.

    • List are definitely the best way to sum up trips, so glad you like it.

      4. Yes, I would love to see the Cherry Blossoms. I think they were in bloom last time I was in D.C. – back when I was 8.
      7. That’s right – we don’t actually know each other. The hair is red right now; the blog picture needs to be updated.

      • To reference your later post – what does your company culture say about red hair? Or is it natural-looking like a red-headed person?

      • Definitely not natural looking. It’s kinda like this. My company’s culture is one of those “we’re young and cool anything goes as long as you do work” kinds of culture (where it’s never really quite that simple). So no one can really say anything, since it would clearly be against the culture they try to create.

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