June 8, 2009

Despite my fear of seeming like a crazy stalker, I’ll admit to doing a good amount of Internet research on people I meet. Being the Internet junkie that I am, I’ll do a quick search on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Then I’ll try regular Google search, if I haven’t come across enough information to give me a strong first impression. I don’t feel too bad about my information seeking habits because it’s unbelievably easy to find similar information about me. If you know my name, one quick Google search will get you everything you need to know.

Think of all the things you want to know, but wouldn’t really want to ask. How old are you? Are you single? Married? Are you religious? How religious? Learning this kind of thing requires investing a significant amount of face time and what do I do if I don’t have that option? Sure, an online profile usually wouldn’t answer those questions anyway, but any information is better than none. I guess growing up as part of the Facebook generation, it seems more abnormal to not have an online identity than it does to have your whole life on the Internet.



  1. Perfectly normal thing to do given how much info people give up on those sites. But if you already know all that info, doesn’t it eliminate the small talk we use to build rapport? Or just jump into, “So, I see on facebook you’re a scientologist…”

    BTW – thanks for the linkage on the blogroll. I erroneously put yours under “links” on mine – I have to move it to the blogs section.

    • I don’t think anyone would really bring it up as “so I saw on Facebook…”, but if I already have an idea of your favorite movies, interests, etc. I can do a couple things. 1) determine that we wouldn’t get along and not waste each other’s time – I’ve never actually come to this conclusion. 2) be a bit more prepared, in the case I don’t know anything about what you like/do/know. That way I won’t feel the need to do the awful question/answer interrogation-like bit to learn enough about you. I hate that.

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