June 11, 2009

I’m by no means a touchy-feely person. This is probably because I’ve always been around non-touchy-feely people. Or maybe that’s because I’ve always somewhat avoided anyone who seems like they would be. Either way, I am, for some reason, very cautious of any touchy-feeliness. First, because I apparently give off the wrong signal a lot, I don’t want to add anything that could potentially and easily be interpreted the wrong way. Second, I’m just not that kind of person and everyone I know would think it was super weird.

This character trait has gradually become obvious to me, culminating in a slightly surprising experience. Someone was about to give me a hug, and I must have stepped back or looked super uncomfortable because he then decided to ask if it was ok to give me a hug. And this was a completely appropriate hugging moment. Expected hugs should never be awkward like that. With hugs, like kisses, there should never be asking.

So I’ve been thinking this is something I need to work on. A mid-year resolution of a sort. I don’t know why, but hugging seems to be more appropriate in so many more situations (wow, kinda like texting). And, I’m a bit tired of awkward hugs.

*everyone also probably knows this resolution is never going to go through. fact of life.



  1. Do you have problems with your boyfriend hugging you, too?

    • Fortunately no, I don’t feel uncomfortable then.

      Although, when you think about it, the awkwardness of feeling uncomfortable with my boyfriend hugging me, in my opinion, would seem more awkward than the hug itself, so then hugging would be the best option to choose.

      • Then, luckily for you, I doubt you’re as odd as you suspect. I do not like hugs from anyone that isn’t a good friend or family member. If someone random tried to hug me, I think I’d certainly back away. But then again, maybe we’re *both* odd.

  2. i remember when we hugged before you left for college! it was a little awkward, but still nice.

    • Ha, this comment made me laugh out loud.

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