June 14, 2009

A while back, I mentioned that I heard of a band, Locksley, half of which lived in my small suburb of Milwaukee for several years. This past weekend, they played a small show at the Majestic in Madison. And it now is at the top of my list for recent concerts, beating out Okkervil River/The Walkmen.

First, the opener for the opening act was pretty good. Unfortunately, don’t know who they were as I couldn’t understand a thing the lead singer said. Second, the opening act – Fever Marlene – was great (even better since they appear to be a WI band too). Having a good opening act, especially if they’re relatively unknown is a huge positive for any concert. Fever Marlene got points automatically for being just two guys, and their music was pretty upbeat. They also didn’t spend too much time talking and introducing themselves. Just got up there and did their thing. I was a bit worried since the crowd hardly moved during both these acts. I thought it was going to be a dead audience; plus the fact that it was an all ages show, a good chunk of the crowd was definitely quite a bit younger than I would have liked.

But when Locksley got on stage, the energy in the theater really took off. People were dancing, jumping around, singing along, everything you would expect from a concert. The band put on a great show. Very energetic, just enough talking, and lots of audience participation (clapping and chorus sing-alongs). I thought it was pretty cool that most of the members of the band get to sing and they interact a lot with the drummer too. And for their encore, they invited a bunch of the crowd up on stage to sing the song with them. They also get lots of points for being dressed well and overall being a very good-looking group of guys. What girl wouldn’t love these guys, especially those Laz brothers?

Locksley – Why Not Me

left to right: Sam Bair, Kai Kennedy, Jordan Laz, Jesse Laz

left to right: Sam Bair, Kai Kennedy, Jordan Laz, Jesse Laz


  1. The first band was The Cloth Sea. Thanks for the kind words and I’ll have a word with our singer about his annunciation. šŸ˜‰

    • Thanks for letting me know the name of the band. I was feeling a bit terrible that I didn’t know who you were and therefore, couldn’t look you up. And as far as your singer goes, he just needs to slow the talking down a little. You guys did a great job though.

  2. I always feel torn about opening bands. In some cases(like a recent Relient K concet) I ended up checking out opening band Sherwood and buying two of their albums. (Hmm…Sherwood, locksley? lots of Robin Hood stuff going on there)

    But soemtimes I just want to see the band I came out to see. In the case of Anberlin, by the time they got on stage I was so annoyed by the opening bands, that I didn’t enjoy the concert.

    And sometimes it’s weird. Like I went to a ska concert and the opening band was a rap duo. They were within a hair of getting booed off the stage.

    • Yeah, opening bands are very hit or miss; usually miss in my opinion. That’s why I think having great openers makes a concert significantly better, since I already know what the headliner is going to sound like.

  3. […] If I can see two concerts for $10, I think it’s a good deal. So I went to see Locksley (who I absolutely love so much) and Third Eye Blind (who were promoting their new album – the first in 6+ years). Locksley […]

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