June 16, 2009

During my most recent trip to Philadelphia, I stayed at the Hyatt Regency at Penn’s Landing. It happened to be my first time at a Hyatt, as we usually stay at the Marriott in Center City. And it was pretty fantastic. The hotel itself was very nice. Right on the water, so it had beautiful views. But what really sealed the deal was the way they treated me and my team.

When I first checked in, they offered us coupons for drinks and breakfast. It came with a nice welcome letter and a packet of all the restaurants near by. After dinner on the first night, I came back to my room to find a phone message left by the manager. He was making sure everything in my room was ok. Later that night, the hotel sent everyone in my team a sampler dish (crab cake, shrimp, steak thing) and a snack dish (pretzels, soda, tastycakes).  It was a very nice touch. Although, if it didn’t come at 11:30pm, after I had gotten into bed, it would have been even nicer. The next day, the manager caught my team before we left for dinner. Very friendly man – and from Wisconsin! Then, when we were at dinner at one of our favorite restaurants – El Vez – he called them to order us dessert for my team member’s birthday. A bit stalker-esque, but still impressive. And not only the manager was friendly to us. The entire staff made a great effort at using our names (which were on our coupons). Now, everyone always pronounces my name wrong, but it’s a gesture and effort I still appreciate.

There were only three negatives to my hotel stay, none of which are dealbreakers. First, no obvious computer to print my boarding pass in the lobby. I’m almost positive they would have a business center where I could do this if I had looked earlier. Second, no receipt under the door on the morning you check out. Definitely not a big deal, as I always check out at the counter anyway. And last, I don’t like how the shampoo/soap smells. I guess it’s suppose to be a ginger smell, but I was definitely not a fan.

Obviously the negatives don’t outweigh the positives, so I’m hoping to be back at the Hyatt very soon.


One comment

  1. Must be a Penn thing. When I was working a summer job at P&G they had us at a suite-based hotel and the staff so nice, it made a HUGE difference. I’ll try a Hyatt next time I have a choice.

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