June 18, 2009

Born and raised in the great state of Wisconsin, I never really thought about Midwest culture as different from anywhere else. And then I went to college in New York, where I didn’t realize how much I missed Wisconsin until I came back. Turns out there’s a big difference that I can’t quite put my finger on still. So what exactly do I love?

1) Cheese. This one might be purely Wisconsin rather than the whole Midwest, but cheese is better here and it’s everywhere and it’s ok to eat it any time. And everyone loves it as much as I do.

2) Pride. Maybe it’s because Wisconsin has a Big Ten school; maybe it’s just because I recently discovered how much I missed Wisconsin, but there seems to be so much more pride in being and living here. This is why we get excited when even though Wisconsin is where Loki and Bartleby are banished to in Dogma, it’s still Wisconsin! New Yorkers have a similar love for their city.

3) Beer. It’s a lot like cheese. It’s everywhere, all the time. But it seems Midwesterners have less shame (or guilt) about having a drink (or multiple drinks) at any time. This is why it’s ok to have coffee shop/wine stores and drinking on the Capitol Square at the summer concerts.

4) Friendliness. It’s really true that people will say hello as they pass you on the street. Even if you’re in the middle of a conversation with someone else! And they have no problem starting up a conversation if you’re waiting in line, at the Farmer’s Market, or in the airport. I’ve heard Midwest friendly isn’t sincere, that we say a lot of things “just to be nice”. Lies.

Extra: What a coincidence! My cousin, who will be headed to Madison for graduate school, has just started compiling a list of things she’ll miss about New England.


  1. I’m an Ohioan myself, and there are a great many things I like about having been born and raised in the Midwest too. I must, however, sheepishly admit that Wisconsin is the one state in the union that I always forget. I could probably name all 49 other states, but I never, ever remember Wisconsin. However, your post makes it sounds like a lovely place and perhaps I will have to visit so as to cement it in my mind. 🙂

    • Yes! I think everyone should make a trip to Wisconsin. As much as I love the winter, it’s just a bit more pleasant when it’s sunny out.

  2. wooo wisconsin!! the people who say it’s a fake nice are from somewhere else and are too jaded to just accept some random kindness.

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