June 21, 2009

I guess summer has finally hit the frozen tundra, and I’ve been harshly reminded how much I hate hot weather. But given that the entire city of Madison comes out of hibernation when it’s sunny and warm, I had to take advantage of the weather. This meant a bike ride downtown and an afternoon at the park. It was a hot day, and the humidity wasn’t really helping. Pretty much I stepped outside and automatically sticky and sweaty.

After the first time I overestimated my biking skills, I’ve been hesitant to try anything on my own. But my second trip downtown got significantly easier and nicer. I’ve determined it’s a long enough ride (approximately 8.5 miles one way) that I can bike leisurely and it still counts as working out. Having a lot of cars on the road still makes me extremely nervous, but once I get on the path, it’s a piece of cake.

The park was a great idea. Given the heat, all I was willing to do was laze about, so at least being outside meant I got a little bit of sun without getting burned. Granted, sitting in the sun meant more sweating – something which I could easily do without. But I could relax and watch the people in the park throwing frisbees and taking wedding pictures. And then I biked home once it had cooled down. Quite a nice day.


  1. Just got a bike for the first time in like 4 years and decided I should do a 10.6 mi loop. Everything turned out ok in the end.


    • Oh yes, I saw your post. Looks like you had a beautiful day for bicycling. And I look forward to seeing pictures of airplanes when you get around to taking some.

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