June 23, 2009

The youngest brother graduated last weekend. He’s the last kid in my family to go through our school system. He’s easily outdone all three of his siblings (we all saw it coming) – and we all did pretty good. It’s a bit sad that I hardly recognize any of the teachers in the high school anymore, let alone the elementary and middle school.

Graduation itself was extremely uninteresting, except when one of the speakers fell backwards off his chair on stage. The choir sang a rendition of Viva la Vida (bad) and the band played Lion King (pretty good). The orchestra played too, but I don’t differentiate classical music on any level. The speeches were generic, as expected. In all honesty, it’s been a week and I can’t recall anything except the diversity speech that definitely shouldn’t have been about diversity.

But sitting for two hours leads to a good number of thoughts that don’t really fit together.

  • High school kids look super young. Or I’m getting old – and I know that can’t be the case.
  • It’s pretty amazing how easy it is to notice shoes when everyone’s wearing the same bright blue caps and gowns. All girls should note that bare feet are inappropriate for any occasion where you are the center of attention. In fact, they are almost always inappropriate for anything you would call an occasion.
  • People get fat when they go to college. They’re not joking about the Freshmen Fifteen.
  • Some guys can pull off the messy, unshaven look; others never should. Guys should figure out very fast which one they are.
  • I think it’s pretty awesome when families are super excited about graduations.


  1. People went barefoot for graduation? Our school was Sunday best or you didn’t walk.

    • Same for mine. If you weren’t wearing a tie (as a guy) you were sent home. If you were wearing sneakers, you were sent home. If you sneezed, you were sent home. It was kind of fascist, but I think better than barefoot graduates.

      • Honestly I wouldn’t have thought that parents in my town would let their kid walk barefoot. My suburb is all about image. But clearly, things have gone downhill in the last 5 years.

  2. You think it’s crazy that HS grads look young, wait until college grads start to look young! The latest batch of new hires look like they should be home texting about their OMFG-hot boyfriends, not entering the workforce.

    • Ouch. I do believe I probably fall into that category of new hires. 🙂 At least in my company, the average age is only a couple years older than me, so I don’t feel out of place.

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