July 5, 2009

Fourth of July is my second favorite holiday (nothing will ever beat New Year’s Eve). First, there are fireworks. Holidays that don’t have fireworks aren’t even in the running. Plus, Madison has Rhythm and Booms, which was an amazing fireworks display even though it wasn’t actually on the holiday. It was a beautiful night, and I got to sit incredibly close to wear the fireworks launched.

Rhythm and Booms at Warner Park

Rhythm and Booms at Warner Park

Second there are parades, which to me are a lot like tours. They’re a fun way to kill time, and everyone’s excited at a parade. There’s usually music, balloons, candy, old cars, and people on stilts and in costumes. It’s very nostalgic for me. In my town, everyone comes out for the parade, mostly because at some point you’ve probably walked, driven, or rode in it.

Third, it’s the only true summer holiday. Memorial Day is like the kick-off of summer, and Labor Day is the tail end. Having a summer holiday didn’t matter so much when I was still in school and had summer vacation. But now that three months of vacation are no longer available, it’s nice to have a holiday break.

Fourth, everyone in the US is celebrating (or they should be). No matter where you go, there will be barbecues, picnics, festivals, and parades. People are in red, white, and blue. You don’t have to worry about politically correct holiday wishes. It’s probably the one time of year that I feel even remotely patriotic.



  1. Four reasons why you love the 4th of July? Brilliant!

  2. Did you take that photo?

    • No, it’s the standard picture the city of Madison uses on the Rhythm and Booms website.

      • Oh, ok. I thought there was a random super-tall building near the fair grounds. Or that you had a friend who let you take photos from a third helicopter.

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