more princesses.

July 10, 2009

I’ve already said my piece about princess movies. But with Pixar’s recent announcement of their new future princess movie, there’s been another outcry about why girls always have to be princesses.

I’m not anywhere near the girliest girl out there. I like my video games and action movies. I’ll even watch sports (though I don’t play them). I wear jeans and t-shirts and sneakers. No make-up, no styled hair, no perfume. But on some level, I still want to be a princess. I want pretty dresses and a tiara and a carriage and a castle. Maybe along the way I’ll think that I can’t fight the bad guys by myself and I need to find myself a prince. But if I was a guy, I probably would want to be a knight in shining armor and have a sword and a white horse. And I would never be able to be afraid or weak and I’d always have to save the day.

Besides, Disney did Mulan back in 1998 and Lilo and Stitch in 2002, but those movies didn’t bring in nearly the same audiences or have close to the same nostalgic factor. In fact, Mulan really gets left out most of the time even though it’s a great movie (and I don’t think that just because I’m Asian). Even Pocahontas saved John Smith’s life at one point in the movie if I remember correctly. Maybe just the white princesses are a bad influence? Given Pixar’ s movie repertoire, their princess movie probably won’t be anything like the Disney princess movies. And maybe they could use to make a purely girly movie. Take an look at their inventory – robots, cars, rats, monsters, bugs, fish, astronauts and cowboys. Where are the fairies, mermaids, kittens, and of course, princesses?

Really, if the goal is to appeal to the biggest audience, I firmly believe girls can more easily be entertained and interested in slightly “guy” characters and plots, while boys will probably not want to watch a girl main character. Flaw of society that we intimidate boys at such a young age to shun and avoid anything remotely non-manly? Probably. Should we make boys watch princess movies to overcome this shortcoming? Eh, probably not necessary.



  1. Mulan is my favorite Disney movie.

    I have some confidence in Pixar to give us a stellar movie, but it is a departure from their mostly male-oriented film repertoire. We’ll see how it goes, that movie’s still a ways out, if I’m not mistaken.

  2. If you read the description on Wikipedia, it looks like this is far from the typical princess movie.

    I also love Mulan, but I don’t think I would have liked it as a kid. Most of what I love about it are the little inside jokes that most kids won’t get. Like when Mulan says, “I never want to see another naked man again.” or, just before that when Mushu says, “I better help her, there’s are least two things they’re bound to notice.”

    Also, Eddie Murphy rocks at voice acting.

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