dressing up.

July 30, 2009

Don’t laugh at me. I don’t normally take pictures of myself, but I’ve recently acquired a bunch of new clothes that I just had to show off. Most people I know are probably laughing at me right now. But, everyone else on the Internet takes pictures of themselves, so I can too! Also, I learned tonight that it is extremely difficult to take decent looking pictures of yourself, and this is probably why I don’t do it that often.

Now, to kick things off, the first dress/skirt is one of those convertible ones. There’s maybe 5 different ways to wear it, even though I think I’ve only mastered one or two. Very exciting since it’s like several new dresses instead of just 1! Plus, it’s reversible. What’s not to love?

Wrap dress v1 Wrap dress v2 Wrap dress v3

Next up are my purchases from this past weekend. Madison had it’s annual Maxwell Street Days, when all the stores on State Street have massive sales. This event clearly resulted in two new dresses and a pair of shoes. The yellow dress is super comfortable and summery, even though I don’t love the color yellow. The pink dress I found while waiting in line to try on a different dress. The shoes, I will most likely kill myself in, but they look amazing. And they make me very tall.

Yellow dress Pink dress shoes

Now all I have to do is find an opportunity to wear them all, like during Restaurant Week

On a complete side note: I absolutely hate working with images in WordPress. Terrible experience, forcing me to work with HTML significantly more than I expected (not that I hate HTML, but if I can’t even get a stupid line break to show up, I get beyond frustrated). I always think I should have more images, but every time I try to put them into a post, it makes me want to switch platforms. In fact, I almost gave up on this post and switched over to my Tumblr to post there instead.



  1. Pretty!

    I had no idea there were such things as convertible dresses. The closest thing guys have to that would be invertible gym shorts… and really it’s just the same shorts with a different color.

    • If you really wanna blow your mind, Min, consider that there are convertible bras. One of my girl friends had one and I think she only figured out 2 of the 3 or 4 possible settings.

  2. 1. I know it’s very difficult to get good self-portrait shots, I’m working on a 365 project now where I take 1 self-portrait per day. It’s hard to get the focus and everything to line up. A fun challenge. Allow me to pimp it here.

    2. Pretty nice clothing shots. Do girls just naturally know how to stand to look flattering? I have a #&$( of a time figuring out poses for my 365 project.

    3. Nice shoes

    4. WP absolutely, positively sucks for multimedia. It’s a real PITA for me to embed my flickr photos in there. It’s hard to correctly embed vimeo or youtube videos. However, there’s hope! The next version of WP is supposed to focus on multimedia. Of course, you guys are on WordPressMU, but I’m sure it’ll be rolled into there too.

    • 1) A picture a day is ambitious. I’m lucky if I can post a picture a week.

      2) For every picture I post of myself, there are about 10 that I reject. With so many different poses, at least one has to look good.

      3) thanks! I’ll probably twist my ankle walking in them, but they look good.

  3. Amazing shoes! :O

    Dresses look great too, but I can’t help thinking how I love the fact that as a guy I can just get away with a shirt and tie 🙂

    • But part of the fun of dressing up is having lots of different choices. I’d get bored if I could only wear a shirt/tie.

      • I have to agree in a parallel track. WTF can a guy wear to “inspire” his gf/wife? Women have an almost infinite choice of lingerie. Men have a choice of boxers, briefs, or boxer-briefs.

      • Out of the choices, I’d always choose boxer-briefs, but every girl has her own preference. Remember, girls are much less visual than guys. And really, even lingerie is only variations on the same basic options: cute, feminine, overtly sexy.

      • Very good points. But w/in those 3 options are tons of permutations. Just on the lower half of underwear women have men beat probably 3 to 1 on styles and definitely 2:1.

        Of course, to play the other side – for a female likely to end up disrobing at the end of a date, she has to consider what her choice of undergarments communicates to the guy. On that front, guys are lucky. And that ties in with Stranger’s comment which kicked off the whole thing. There’s no such scene as a guy being told by his friend, “Are you going to wear that? You’ll look like a slut and give her the wrong idea!” But then going back to your response to Stranger – I guess that’s what makes it fun to you that girls have so many choices. You can actually “say” something based on what you wear.

        In the end, it appears that both sexes have advantages and disadvantages based on the clothing available to them.

      • PS – you’ve gotta love gmail’s context sensitive advertising. Got the following when I received the notification email that you had responded:

        “Save on Sheer Underwear for Men! Get Hot Brands”

      • maybe it’s because on a date, the woman always knows from the begining whether there will be disrobing or not.

      • Haha! awesome answer!

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