dining out.

August 10, 2009

I was in Philadelphia last week for work. It was my first trip without a significant number of co-workers, which really meant there wasn’t 10-12 other people to possibly join me for dinner. But I learned that I am totally over feeling awkward eating alone in restaurants. Huge step in not being limited by lack of company to do things I want. Yay me!

This new discovery is pretty amazing to me for several reasons:

  1. I hate being alone in general.
  2. I already determined that there’s the wait time before eating that is a bit difficult to overcome.
  3. There’s always the choice of take-out, delivery and room service.
  4. I’m afraid of people judging me.
  5. It’s really just awkward

However, I just can’t pass up the restaurant choices in a big city. My driving factor for eating alone on this trip was my craving for Chinese food. In Madison, I never get Chinese – I wouldn’t even know where to go. So being in a city that is large enough to have a Chinatown, I had to get my fill (even if I couldn’t get it from Chinatown, anywhere else was still probably better than Wisconsin). And I needed to get out of the hotel. I got to eat my favorite wide rice noodles, have a drink, take a walk, and do some people-watching. And it was wonderful.


  1. Was in a concert in Philly’s Chinatown. I liked the Viet food there. More comments to follow later or tomorrow. q:o)

  2. I was just at a concert alone because no one I know is cool enough to go out on Tuesday night or liked the band. =[

    • Oh too bad. Concerts are one thing I haven’t done on my own yet. Lucky for me, it’s easy to convince friends to tag along when all the shows I see are cheap.

  3. OK…continuing….

    It used to bother me to eat out alone because I’d be surrounded by groups of 2 or more at all the other tables. I eventually got over that because I usually travel alone for work. Even when I don’t, I don’t want to have to convince someone to eat what I want to eat.

    What usually gets to me is having to eat without anyone to talk to. But that has been remedied recently by just filling up my iPod with podcasts before a business trip. Then I just listen to that in the restaurant.

    • I usually read when I’m in that situation.

      • I find reading much more of a PITA due to having to hold the book open. Now if Amazon hadn’t screwed “us” so royally with the kindle, that’d be a great innovation for such times.

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