August 16, 2009

True fact: I watch terrible TV when I’m on business trips. Usually, I just turn the TV on because hotel rooms are too lonely when they’re too quiet. But it’s really no excuse when I end up watching Dr. Phil or awful reality shows. This past trip, I saw a new reality show – More to Love. The general premise of the show is “The Bachelor with large people”. The basic idea – that personality is greater than looks, that being larger doesn’t mean you can’t find love – is wonderful in theory. But as I watched the show, I couldn’t help think that these themes aren’t going anywhere.

Already, these dating/marriage/romance reality TV shows have a desperate quality that emanates from them. Who actually goes on these shows? The bachelor/bachelorette must be so intent on finding love that they will find it with one of the random strangers picked to be on the series. And the “contestants” are worse. They’re willing to compete over a stranger’s affection because they’re so obsessed with being in love/being loved.

And now, More to Love throws in the fabulous aspect that these larger women already have difficulties with dating and romance and self-esteem. Clearly being in a contest to search for love is the solution to these problems. From the one episode I watched I learned several things: 1) These women all feel that being larger makes it significantly harder because people judge looks before personalities. 2) They all pretty much fell in love with the guy at first site, discussing how cute he is and how nice and pretty much making up the perfect personality for him. 3) Many of the girls felt like they would never find The One. So what happens when a girl is booted from the show? Essentially it’s telling her that her personality, even when competing with women of similar weight, is not good enough. Self-esteem is going to take a major hit; ideas of love and romance probably will be a bit shattered. There’s absolutely no positive outcome for most of these women.

I really like reality shows like Beauty and The Geek, where there is a positive impact on the show’s stars, or the talent finding shows (America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, etc), where the contestants do gain some experience or knowledge to help them later. But shows like More to Love and The Swan, where the result of the show will almost always be horribly negative, are just unbelievable. It makes me sad.



  1. I wonder if the show’s producer is paying for two airplane seats for each of the contestants.

    • Ha! I hope so.

      Glad to see you commenting again.

      • Thanks! I visit here much more often than I leave comments. 🙂

  2. It’s just a matter of time until one of the contestants from one of these shows commits suicide.

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