August 21, 2009

I traveled to Boston last weekend to visit family I haven’t seen in forever – or more specifically, about 8+ years. This is what happens when you live in WI and everyone else lives on the East Coast. But my oldest cousin has gotten married and is expecting his first child next month. So a wedding party/ baby shower seemed like a pretty good reason to catch up with the relatives.

The weekend was full of fantastic weather – high 80’s and sunny. Saturday was mostly spent at the wedding party / baby shower gathering. I don’t think I’ve had so many pictures taken since prom. I met my cousin’s wife, and my other cousin’s girlfriend. Also got to see my ex-aunt, who I didn’t even have a real memory of; I’ve just seen pictures of her. And Sunday, we went out for dim sum and did the tourist thing in Boston. I got to ride on the swan boats in Boston Commons, took pictures with the ducklings, saw Trinity Church, and went to the observation floor of the Prudential building. I absolutely love doing this kind of thing for the same reason I love going to museums and getting tours. I feel like I learned so much!

It’s a bit weird visiting all the places I’ve definitely visited as a child. I don’t have a very good memory of any of those trips. For example, D.C. – all I could remember about that city was the weather being so hot it made me cry. But now that I’ve gone back when I’m older, I can actually remember seeing the monuments. Same with Boston. I’m positive I’ve been by the ducklings before; I can’t imagine having the book “Make way for ducklings” and not visiting the statues. But I can’t really remember. This is why photos are key, and, luckily, my uncles are great about taking pictures. Now I have lots of documentation of my trip, so now I can’t forget.


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