August 23, 2009

Recently, I’ve been doing a decent amount of thinking about my sharing habits. To pin things down a bit more, it’s my sharing habits in relation to my increasing and self-propelled lack of privacy. As mentioned before, anyone can find just about anything about me with a quick Google search. And once you have that information, there’s a whole lot of judgment that can be passed. Spurred by a conversation about one of my posts, and this post by The Waiter, I worry that I’ll become an over-sharer.

While I try to avoid topics that are too personal, mentioning of names, any specifics about where I live or work, this blog is really just about me. And over time, I’ve gotten over my hesitation to post pictures of myself. Of course, the bad ones are weeded out. But the good ones – that’s me – obviously and un-anonymously. I have fewer problems because I realized I’m in charge of what’s being shared. The amount of sharing I do online is about the same amount of sharing I do in reality. I have a very “all or nothing” thought process. If I tell one person, I’m mostly ok with everyone knowing. It’s information that I wouldn’t hide, even from strangers, if it was in line with the conversation. On the flip side, anything else that I deem too personal, I won’t tell to anybody. Even the boyfriend has only recently moved into a category other than “everyone else” (he deserves at least that much now, right?).

The most interesting part about throwing blogging into the mix is that I don’t specifically know who’s getting this information. Do all my friends read it? No. Family? Maybe very rarely. Acquaintances (aka Facebook friends) and strangers? Until I get a comment, it’s a mystery. Quite frankly, this annoys the crap out of me. And honestly, this is probably why my sharing habits are so broad. I know my audience is small and that it almost definitely doesn’t consist of strangers. So I guess I don’t see any reason to not share.



  1. …. and if you post something and decide to take it down later, don’t forget there are RSS readers that cache that stuff for ages. I just read his deleted post 10 days after he took it down.

    • Definitely. I also read his post after he had deleted it.

  2. I consider anything on my blog to be read by The World. Whether or not they show up is not my problem. Lots of people get unjustifiably enraged that their parents “spy” on them by reading their blog or seeing their facebook photos. It’s called the World Wide Web for a reason.

  3. […] museum. re: look at me. October 12, 2009 I think I’ve established the fact that I love to share. And this post reminds me I’m not alone. However, I have not embraced the automatic sharing […]

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